This site is the combined information from two of our previous sites, and So you may find references to those sites among the posts here. We merged the sites to simplify our online presence and make it more broad. This site will still be about RVing, photography and just life in general though. We hope you enjoy it!

Death Valley National Park

We are two souls that, through a few unfortunate life events, decided that the normal 9-5 corporate grind was no longer for us. No, the “American Dream” wasn’t so dreamy and a big change was in order. So we jumped, with both feet, into the unknown of a nomadic lifestyle having no clue if we’d adapt or even enjoy it. We did.


I’m a former IT professional with over 25 years in the field. I’ve also worked in marketing research. I have a vast list of hobbies which include, SCUBA, guitar, photography, gaming and pretty much anything outdoors. I’m a husband, father, grandparent and friend.


I’ll get her to type up her own “about” section. Coming soon …

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