Preparations Are Underway!

Website purchased and online.  Check!

RV purchased and being prepped for trip.  Check!

Tow Vehicle purchased.  Check!

House for sale and on the market.


Coming soon will be the start of what we are calling our “Trip of a Lifetime”.  Join us as we travel the USA via an RV for a year (or more)!  We will be blogging, vlogging and whatever other “ogging” we can come up with!

What do we plan to share?  Everything!  We plan on giving detailed information on costs, places stayed, and since I’m (Jason) a photographer, we plan on sharing photos and the best photography locations.  We’ll be vlogging on YouTube about our journey sharing the ups and downs of the full-time RV life.  Learn from our mistakes (we had never stayed in an RV until we purchased ours recently) and share in our journey!

If our house sells soon, our journey should begin in early October.  Please check back soon!!

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