Big Changes

It has been four years now since we left Evansville, Indiana and started our nomadic lifestyle. FOUR YEARS!! Crazy how fast time flies when you are enjoying life. Life is good.

BUT … we have decided that the current way we are traveling is starting to grow a little stale. While we can’t put a finger on any specific thing or reason, we are just in need a change. It is easy to become comfortable with your life and get into routines. As usual Misty and I were both feeling it so when the subject finally came up it was a relief to know we were on the same page. Neither of us want to stop traveling, we just want to see if there is another way for us to do it. Change things up a bit. Life is all about experiences and we’ve had a wonderful four years on the road with zero complaints. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t fun to switch things up and try something different. So that’s what we are doing …

Stay tuned for more specifics as they unfold! We are excited for the change!

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