Our travels have brought us to the northern entrance to the Blueridge Parkway in Virginia. This was not by accident as it’s October and this area is renowned for its fall foliage. We’ve been on the parkway before, once even in October, but sadly were too early for the seasonal leaves changing. This year we are slow rolling the entire length of the parkway with the hopes of not missing the change.

Our first stop, as mentioned above, is the northern entrance to the parkway. The colors had not really started yet. We drove around 60 miles south of the entrance, and while some changes could be seen, they were far and few between. Regardless, the views made some some wonderful sunset images! If photography is your main purpose for going, sunrise and sunset are the times to be there!

We stayed there for week and moved further south along the parkway. Our second stop was near the Virginia/North Carolina border. This time we saw more colors starting to form. These shots were from the first day there.

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