When my wife and I headed out for our journey around America, we had NO idea what was in store for us. There were so many questions. Would we even like traveling full-time? Can we afford it? Will we get bored? Will we miss our old life? Will we meet people and make new friends? The list literally goes on and on. (If you’d like to read more about that specifically, head over to Fortunately for us the answer to most of those questions is a resounding “Yes”. Well, with the exception of the “Will we get bored?” question, that is a “No”. What started as a hopeful year of travel to see as much of the USA as possible has turned into a full-time traveling lifestyle. We are blessed.

On of the main “hobbies” I have is photography. I say “hobby” because that’s more-or-less what it is now. I had dreams of it becoming my full-time job at one point (like most folks I’d imagine) but that didn’t pan out. I’ve sold some prints, had images bought for use in magazines and book covers, even had images in several calendars, but I probably couldn’t buy one of my cheapest lenses with the proceeds of all of that. When we first hit the road I was hopeful that maybe I could find a way to monetize my hobby in someway. A guy already traveling all over the place who (I think) takes decent pics might be interesting to someone or some organization. I haven’t found anything as of yet (to be completely honest haven’t really tried too hard) but I’m still hopeful that something will cross my path eventually.

Now, with that in mind, I bring you my current pet project. Photographing America! We are currently recording video of myself doing wildlife photography but plan to expand to include all the genres that I enjoy. My hope is the bring entertaining and educational videos to the public via YouTube about the various places we visit in America. Of course I’ll be showcasing some of my best photos along the way as well. Hopefully the videos will teach a bit about photography but also help show off the beautiful parks and refuges we visit. I’m still ironing out exactly how I want the videos to flow and all that, so it will be some time before they see the light of day. I just wanted to introduce everyone to my latest project to tell you all what I’m keeping busy with. There may be a coffee table book in the future as well! We shall see! 😉

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