Early in 2021, we spent six weeks on Galveston Island, Texas. Since I’ve decided to focus more on bird and wildlife photography this year, I spent most of my time birding.

One of the great locations near us was Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge. It was a short drive from our campground on the west end of Galveston. It was well worth the drive. While we were there early in the year so most of the birds seen are winter residents, for this midwest boy, seeing the residents is still cool.

The refuge is special because of the various ecosystems it offers the birds. It’s just under 45k acres and offers freshwater, coastal wetlands and prairies. With this diversity, you can find over 300 species of birds throughout the year. The main focus if for waterfowl, however. You will see many different species who use this refuge for an important migration stop.

For a list of what we saw on one of our many visits, check out my eBird list here.

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