We’ve Been Quiet

Hey Gang! We’ve been quiet here on Meandering Life. Felt like a few updates are in order.

We are still on the road. Currently in south Texas hanging out for several months. We are primarily here for spring bird migration but also for the lovely weather! After we leave here, well, we aren’t totally sure yet but we may head to North Carolina for the mountains and cooler weather. We’ll see though.

So why so quiet? I think the main reason is that after three and a half years on the road our journey has just become our new normal. As such we haven’t felt the strong need to post about it I guess. Another reason is that we have been going to places we’ve visited before. I usually just post photos and this year I’ve been focusing on birding more and posting those photos to my photography page. If that might interest you, please like my page Jason Massey Photography for wildlife photos and general landscapes.

I’ve got a project underway that revolves around my photography as well which is why I’m focusing on it more. I’m still working out the specifics but will post here when it starts going live.

So we are alive and well. Just laying low and enjoying life.


  1. James says:

    Just curious, are you both retired, or just taking a temporary step away from the normal 8-5? I love the idea of full time rv’ing, but just haven’t figured out all of the intricacies that are involved. Right now, my wife, 2 year old daughter, and I go camping in our rv almost every weekend.

    1. Hey James! I’m retired (Jason) but Misty is still working. We had originally budgeted for a year with neither of us working. Misty, however, got bored and decided she wanted to work. Turns out we’re glad she did because it has allowed us to still be on the road. We don’t make a ton of money, but it’s enough to keep us from dipping into savings. RV lifestyle can be fairly inexpensive or really expensive depending on how you go about it. Good luck and just research like crazy! I bet you could make it work!

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