New Remote Accounting Job

I was officially unemployed for 8 weeks.  Sent in my new hire paperwork two days ago.

We planned for this trip for a year and had the funds for it, but there were several reasons why I started looking for a job so early.  First, I’m a tax accountant and I was worried about missing a tax season.  There were not many tax law changes this year (just wait until next year!), but it is always better not to skip a season to keep the skills up.  Second, I was worried about trying to find a job off-season.  Most CPA firms need extra help during tax season and the off-season is light.  Much easier to find a job during the busy time.  I’m trying to decide if the third reason is depressing or enlightening.  I guess it depends on how you look at it.  I was unemployed for 8 weeks, but for some reason I felt off.  I was feeling useless and unproductive.  Deep down I felt an obligation, not to anyone else or to any thing, but to myself.  If I am not working, then who am I?  Is it ingrained in me to work?  I guess that it the depressing part, I hope I don’t have to work to have an identity.

Before we left, Jason and I were discussing what we wanted to get out of this trip.  I wanted to “find myself”.  Jason has found his passion in photography and I wanted to find that for me.  I had visions of me sitting somewhere and having an epiphany of the “perfect” thing for me.  I guess that could still happen, but maybe I found it?  As soon as I found out I had the job (even a little before that), I was online looking at videos of the software (they use different software) and researching GA taxes (they are based on GA).  Who does that?  I was excited about it.  Excited to get back into taxes.  Not that I got out of it after only 8 weeks, but it seemed like longer because of work I was doing at my previous job.  But this is different.  I am doing it on my terms.  I am NOT putting my email on my phone, I am working my own schedule and I am NOT responsible for staff or clients!  It is the job I wanted.  I hope it is as great as I think it will be!  In any event, I still plan to meander and work a light schedule so for now I’m happy with my decision.  Only time will tell, but it’s worth a shot and it doesn’t hurt to bring in little money!


  1. Liz McWilliams says:

    I can understand how you feel. Hoping this fulfills your desire to be productive and yet gives you the time you deserve to enjoy your adventure. Sending a hug from home.

  2. Thanks Liz! I appreciate it!

  3. Don Schenk says:

    I understand completely. When I retired the one thing I didn’t take into account was the role my job had in my life. When I was working, I just thought of it as work. Oops. Good luck in finding your direction.

    1. Thanks Don! You are exactly right!

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