CAMPSITE REVIEW:  Colter Bay Campground, Grand Teton National Park, WY


Meandering Life Rating:  [usr 4]

CAMPSITE REVIEW:  Colter Bay Campground, Grand Teton National Park, WY

Cost:  $31/night with National Park Pass ($15.50/night for Senior Pass holders)
Hookups:  None
Dump/Water On-site:  Yes
Amenities:  Laundry, showers, gas station, convenience store
GPS: 43.9114838,-110.6448658

We stayed here five nights in the middle of June 2018 in site M-268.  We were at some BLM in the Bridger-Teton National Forest nearby, but the weather forecasted heavy rain for several days straight, so we decided to move to paved roads.  This campground is nice.  There are two areas in the campground, one is generators allowed and in the other area they are not allowed.  We opted for the generator side because it was going to be rainy for several days and we were not sure if our solar would keep up (it did).  When we were here, the campground was not busy at all which was very surprising.

We really liked the layout of the sites.  Groups of sites where in a loop configuration with the road being one-way.  Each site was pull-in.  The best part of the configuration was even though you might have neighbors, it did not feel like you were right on top of each other.  Our site was particularly nice because there was no site directly across from us.  Even though we were in the generator area, it was very quiet, and everyone observed generator hours (8-8).  The Coulter Bay area has most everything you need.  There is a gas station (with diesel), a small convenience store for groceries and a laundry facility which also has paid showers ($4.50).  We used the laundry facility while staying and it was typical.  We did not use the showers but heard from other campers that they were very nice.  There is also a visitor’s center, a marina and a swimming area in the lake.  We had no cell phone signal (AT&T) at all.  We could not send or receive calls or text messages.  With a small antenna, we were able to get some use out of the hotspot for internet, but it was mainly only usable in the evening hours.  The laundry facility and some of the restaurants in the complex have Wi-Fi which was usable.  They have three dump stations.  We used the in-coming one to dump before we set-up and one of the out-going ones on the way out.  They also had potable water.  The maximum length for the campground is posted as 45 feet.  We heard that a black bear and her cubs frequented the area, but we never did see them.  Overall it was a good place to stay.  Wish it had not rained the entire time we were there.  I did deduct a star because of cost.  $31/night for a campsite with no hookups is a little steep in my opinion.  These are the times I wish one of us was a senior!  😊

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