CAMPSITE REVIEW:  Upper Teton View, Jackson, WY

Meandering Life Rating:  [usr 4]

CAMPSITE REVIEW:  Upper Teton View, Jackson, WY

Cost:  Free
Hookups:  None
Dump/Water On-site:  None
Amenities:  None
GPS: 43.7638,-110.5559887

We stayed 9 nights the first part of June 2018.  We first tried the Lower Teton View but had significant trouble leveling so we went up the hill to this area.  As the other reviews said, it was crowded.  Just about every spot was filled every day we were there.  Thankfully, when we arrived there were two spots that would work for us.  One of the few times there were spots.  All the spots near the view were taken so we had a nice view of other rigs and some mountains.  😊 Our spot was right next to the bear aware food box.  But, we weren’t complaining.  The views we did see where worth it.  The road up is a little rocky and is only one-lane.  Thankfully, we did not encounter another rig on the way up or down.  If you do meet someone on the way, one of you is going to have to back-up which would not be pleasant.  We had no trouble leveling and the spots are nice and big so just about any size rig can fit in some of the spots.  There were other people to the right and left of the main area, but those areas had no view at all due to trees.  However, if the main area is full, they appeared to be good spots.  The area is a good, centrally located spot for Grand Tetons.  You are only about 5 minutes from the park and 30 minutes from the town of Jackson, WY.  Yellowstone is about 1:45 away (at least to actual attractions).  Internet access was hit and miss, but we had no cell phone signal at all (AT&T).  We couldn’t make or receive calls or texts.  With the hotspot with a small antenna, we were able to get some internet access, but it was mostly late at night and early mornings.  During the day, it was nonexistent even though we had plenty of bars.  This was the case for the AT&T and Verizon hotspots.  If you need any groceries or other items, Jackson is the place to do it.  They will have anything you would need.  There is no water/dump or trash cans here.  This is bear country, so you definitely do not want to leave your trash out at all (even if in a vehicle).  We took our trash almost daily to dispose of it properly.  For being in bear country, we had a bit of a hard time finding trash receptacles, but they are scattered about the various attractions at the park.  A ranger I spoke with also suggested not leaving any food on the RV counters and cleaning dishes immediately after the meal to help dissuade bears.  We never saw or heard a bear at the camping area while we were staying.  There is a dump at the Shell station in Jackson coming in and they have free potable water as well.  On the way out, we decided to stay at Coulter Bay for a few nights because of heavy rains in the area and dumped there.  I believe you can dump there even if you are not staying.  They also have potable water at the dump stations as well.  Even though this spot was crowded, most everyone was friendly and quiet.  We did have one RV that had a very noisy generator for the first few nights, but they moved on and it was back to peaceful.  Overall, we would stay here again because of the proximity to the park and it is free!  Dry camping in Teton will cost around $30/night so this is a great alternative.


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