CAMPSITE REVIEW:  Valley of the Gods, UT


Meandering Life Rating:  [usr 4]

CAMPSITE REVIEW:  Valley of the Gods, UT

Cost:  Free

Hookups:  None

Dump/Water On-site:  None

Amenities:  None (good view)

GPS: 37.2641190,-109.8119080

This is a good boondocking site.  We stayed in late April 2018.  Make sure you go down Hwy 138 through Mexican Hat and turn on Valley of the Gods road.  There is a small wash right after you turn, but when we were there it was almost dry and no problem at all for our 30 ft travel trailer.  The road is gravel and dirt and is nasty at some spots, but we didn’t have any trouble.  We stayed 2.25 miles after the turn on a very nice site.  We were able to back in and get level without leveling blocks.  There were several nice spots before this one, but we wanted a bit further down the road.  We setup and drove the truck only the rest of the way down the road.  If you went about another mile, there were several other nice spots as well.  Roughly 4 miles from the turn on the road there was another wash.  This one didn’t have water but was very rough.  There is no way we would have attempted it with the RV.  If you get there, it would be hard to back out.  We would recommend finding a spot prior to the second wash if you have a larger RV.  If you are in a small Class B, Class C or vehicle only you should be fine to get over it.  I would not recommend for anyone else.  There are several other camping spots past the wash, but they get fewer and fewer as you drive down the road.  The road eventually leads to Hwy 132.  If you turn right, you will be directly at the start of the Moki Dugway scenic drive.  Well worth the drive to do that.  The scenery at Valley of the Gods is beautiful and well worth the stay.  The spots are far apart so you have no noise from other campers.  During the day, it can get a little busy with people driving and taking pictures, but after the sun went down it was extremely quiet.  We could not find any water or dump nearby so we brought a full-tank of fresh with us.  There is a dump at a 7-11 in Blanding, UT, but that is about a 45-minute drive from the Valley of the Gods.  If you are heading north though, that would be a good spot to dump.  The town of Mexican Hat has a Shell gas station that has diesel and a few grocery items so that was convenient.  Other than that, the closest grocery store is 30+ miles away in Blanding, UT or Kayenta, AZ (although someone told us Gouldings has a grocery store near Monument Valley).  The main negative to the spot is the fine, red sand.  If there is any wind (which there was several times we were there), you, your RV and anything left outside will be covered in it.  The bottom of your shoes will also be covered so I suggest leaving the shoes at the door.  AT&T service was spotty, but usable.  We were able to stream Netflix a few times but had a hard time with Facebook.  Still we had enough service to post occasionally but sometimes it would take awhile to complete.  Not enough speeds for uploading video.  Overall it was a good place to stay for a few nights.

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