DJI Mini 3 Drone

After over five years traveling the US, I finally got a drone! Yes, I’m super excited about my toy!

So actually, this isn’t my first drone. Before leaving Evansville in 2017 I did buy a super cheap drone. It was a $120 cheapy that did not take good video but was super fun to fly. Since I bought it hoping to use it to add b-roll to our YouTube videos and the quality being so bad I never really used it. Plus, we only created videos for a short time.

Since then, however, we have been in plenty of places that some drone footage would have just been super cool to have. Most National Parks will not let you fly them, but most other scenic areas will. Plus, we boondock in some very beautiful areas of the country where some arial shots would be a huge bonus and really show the landscape.

So far, I’m super impressed with the video and image quality of this super light weight DJI Mini 3 drone. The technology built into it is also amazing. Hope to be showing off some super cool stuff very soon! Stay tuned!

Here’s a quick video edit I threw together this evening of my maiden flight. I was just testing out the drone and its features but wanted to also see how the video stood up to some light editing in Final Cut. So here’s the result of my first flight and first edit.

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