Amazon Dropboxes – RVer’s Best Friend

So it’s probably no surprise to most that getting packages while traveling full-time can be a challenge. I recently rediscovered an old friend, the Amazon dropbox.

In the over five years we’ve been on the road, we have gotten mail and packages in several different ways. The main way has always been RV parks. Most private parks will allow you to get mail and packages. We don’t use RV parks a lot, but if we need to get our mail, or need something specific for the RV, we use them as great way to get those items. Downside is RV parks can be expensive.

The second way we get mail is through general delivery. Most (if not all) post offices will allow you to send mail (or USPS sent package) general delivery to any post office of your choice. Downside is time.

The third way, and probably my favorite, is the Amazon dropbox. When checking out on Amazon you can change the delivery address and check for a dropbox in your area. If available, you get your normal two day delivery and the process of picking it up is super easy. The downside is that it seems only major cities or cities that get a lot of RV traffic seem to have them available. But if they do, it’s a great way to get some stuff.

You can go to to see if a dropbox is in your area!

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