Day in the Life – Living in an RV Full-time

If you follow any full-time RVers online I bet you’ve come away with this illusion that everyday is a picnic. Each day brings new adventures, new things to do and see and laughs abound! Well, that’s just not reality if you do this full-time. So what’s it really like? You know, behind the scenes.

Well, obviously we can only speak for ourselves and what the past 17 months have been like for us. But it’s not what you may think if all you did was look at our pictures on social media. They paint this beautiful image of the sights we are seeing and things we are drinking and eating. That’s the point, of course, to show off these wonders of the natural world that we have in this fine nation of ours. It’s also the main reason to live in an RV and travel full-time. There’s a LOT of beauty out there to see and share!

A more typical view of mine. Misty working and the dogs wrapped in a blanket.

But what those images don’t tell is that those park visits, those dinners and drinks out in the countryside are but a small fraction of our time. They just happen to be the most picturesque and therefore most sharable. But the reality is that we may do a park, maybe two if there are several in the area, a week. We only eat out maybe once a month (sometimes two depending on the area (New Orleans, yum!)). So those pictures you are admiring on Instagram or Facebook only represent maybe two days out of the week. The rest of our time is spent just like everyone else. Laundry, grocery shopping, paying bills, working, writing blog posts, researching our next spots, cleaning, playing video games, maintenance and the list goes on and on. So real life stuff, not all that much different than our old life in our sticks-and-bricks home. But there are differences there too though. Most of it takes way less time in an RV and costs less. Our backyard changes frequently. All of those things still help to make this lifestyle a good fit for us and more enjoyable (to us) than our old life.

So, don’t get too jealous and caught up in what we and others show the rest of the world about full-time RV living. Yes, it is truly amazing and we wouldn’t change anything for the world, but it is NOT exactly what you might think if only basing your opinions on what we show online.

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