CAMPSITE REVIEW:  Madden Peak Road, San Juan National Forest, near Mancos, Colorado


Meandering Life Rating:  [usr 4]

CAMPSITE REVIEW:  Madden Peak Road, San Juan National Forest, near Mancos, Colorado

Cost:  Free

Hookups:  None

Dump/Water On-site:  None

Amenities:  None

GPS: 37.3478980,-108.2019650

This campsite is not open year-round.  There is a gate near the turn-off that closes during the winter months.  We stayed the first part of April 2018 and it was open.  This was a great boondocking spot for us.  We dumped and filled up our water at the Cortez City Industrial Park RV dump which was about 30 minutes away from this campsite.  Recommended if you are coming from the West.  See our review about that RV Dump here!  There is also a free dump and water station at the Giant in Durango if you are coming from the East.  See our review about that RV Dump here!  The camping spot is very easy to get to and is right off Hwy 160.  Very close to Mesa Verde National Park and Durango, Colorado.  There were very few campers here, so it was quiet and peaceful.  The dogs loved the grassy area and we did not have to worry about leashes with no campers anywhere near us.  The spot was fairly level and we didn’t have any trouble with leveling blocks.  It snowed one day while were we here with quite a bit of accumulation.  Thankfully the temperatures did not stay cold, so the snow did not last long.  At first the road coming in is wash-boarded, but if you go slow it is fine.  The road does gets better as you drive down.  They graded the road while we were here which made it a much nicer ride.  We stayed about a mile down the road and saw around 6-7 spots in the immediate area with some off the side roads.  The spots are huge and could fit any size RV.  I wouldn’t recommend going much farther than our spot as there are only a few decent campsites further.  The road does eventually get very bumpy several miles up.  We saw very little traffic, so we did not mind being closer to the road.  You don’t really get great views from this campsite as the trees block the nearby mountains, but there are other sites with better views.  Our spot was in a nice open area so solar could do its magic.  The AT&T cell signal when we arrived was good.  We consistently got 3-4 bars LTE without boost.  For some reason the last day we were here the cell connection went to crap and we only had about 1 bar.  We were able to get 3-4 bars LTE on Verizon as well.  We stayed 8 nights and would highly recommend.

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