New Orleans, Louisiana

Meandering Life Rating:  [usr 5]

If you are anywhere near New Orleans, you must visit!  So much fun!!

We spent a few hours downtown walking around and enjoying the festivities.  I had never been before and the last time Jason was there he was in his 20s and it was during Mardi Gras so his memory was a little fuzzy.  🙂

St. Louis Cathedral

We started out walking over to the St. Louis Cathedral (full name: Cathedral-Basilica of St. Louis King of France).  It is the oldest Catholic cathedral in continuous use in the US and is located in Jackson Square.  Unfortunately, there was a wedding ceremony so we were not able to go inside.  We headed across the street and there was a group of street performers.  They were hilarious!!  They were a dance group, but while they were setting up they heckled people walking down the street.  Hysterical!  We watched for a bit, but headed out before the dancing part of the act started.

Bourbon Street at Dusk

We got ourselves a Big Ass Beer and took to the streets!  We spent the late afternoon walking up and down Bourbon Street and the surrounding areas.  The experience was exactly as I expected.  The architecture, the look of the streets and the people were what I imagined (which is a good thing!).  It is a fun place to explore and spend some time.  Everyone is excited to be there and having a good time.  We finished up with an amazing meal at Oceana Grill!

We won’t be moving to the area any time soon, but had a great time visiting!

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