Texas State Aquarium – Corpus Christi, Texas

Texas State Aquarium

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While in the Corpus Christi area, we visited the Texas State Aquarium.  We are members of Mesker Park Zoo in Evansville (our hometown) and they are affiliated with the AZA.  Because of that affiliation, we receive reduced entry fees to other AZA members.  This includes zoos and aquariums around the nation!  Texas State Aquarium is a member and the reduction was 50%.  Yes, please!

It was a really nice aquarium.  We especially liked the layout.  It was easy to find the exhibits, and it wasn’t too big.   Best parts – the dolphins, the sea turtles and the river otters.

Dolphin Show

We did watch the dolphin show.  I always have mixed feelings about those type of shows.  On one hand, I feel awful for the animals but on the other hand, I love seeing them!  But the best part of the dolphins is the viewing area underneath.  You can see them swimming and playing.  When we were down there, we had the whole place to ourselves so were able to watch them and even take pictures with them.  Awesome!  They seemed happy and well taken care of…..I hope they are.

Another great aspect of the aquarium was watching the sea turtles get fed.  I have a special place in my heart for sea turtles and this was the first time I saw one up close.  Most of the turtles living there are injured and cannot be returned to the wild.  Loved learning about them and seeing them eat.  However, that experience was nothing like our experience at Sea Turtle, Inc. later in the trip.  See that post here.


The river otters were fun to watch too!  At the otter program, we learned that one was much older than the other.  Man, you sure could tell!  The younger one was all over the place!  He barely stopped the whole time I watched him (which was at least 15 minutes). The other one was much more chill and lethargic.

When we go to places like this, the best part in my opinion is going to the talks and educational programs.  You get to learn so much from the people who care for the animals and sometimes you get to see the animals eat or do something fun!

If you are ever in the area, go here!  Try to go to as many talks as possible.  That is where you learn and see the most!

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