Las Vegas, Nevada – Part 3

Lake Mead

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Lake Mead – Our backyard for 16 days!

Lake Mead gets its own post because we were there for 16 days.  Sounds crazy, but we had good reasons to stay that long.  First, our friends from Fate Unbound invited us to boondock with them after they learned we were staying only 30 minutes away in Las Vegas.  We accepted that awesome invitation and boondocked with them.  We met Fate Unbound at the Quartzsite RV show in January.  They were looking at a RV that we stopped to look at, we talked, and we instantly knew they were our kind of couple.  Super nice, so easy to talk to and overall good people.  Before we knew it, 45 minutes had passed, and we had to be on our way.  Thankfully a RV channel we both follow, Less Junk, More Journey was a having a meet and greet the next day and we were able to hook-up with them again there.  After talking with them, they learned that we would love to boondock, but we had not taken the plunge quite yet.  They were so gracious to invite us out and take us under their wings of sorts.  I warned them ahead of time and I was right as we bombarded them with question after question!  They were so patient and helped us tremendously.  We are now converts and have even completed some upgrades to the RV to make boondocking a little easier for us.  Which brings me to why we were at Lake Mead for 16 days.  Specifically, we stayed at Government Wash in Lake Mead National Recreation Area.  This area is right next to the Lake.  Lake Mead was literally our backyard for 16 days.  I should note that technically the maximum stay there is 15 days, but our 15th day was windy, and we were finishing up an install on the RV so we stretched it out one more day.  Shhh..don’t tell anyone!  😊

Lake Mead Boondocking!

That 16 days was spent seeing the sites, making RV upgrades and working more than usual with an important deadline looming.  We could not have picked a better spot than Lake Mead to boondock for 16 days.  What a gorgeous area of the country!  We were able to do several hikes right outside our RV door and other hikes a short drive away.  Redstone Trail and the Northshore Summit Trail were short, amazing trails.  The views were breathtaking.  The great thing about boondocking is with the scenery right in our backyard, we don’t have to drive far to get to these amazing areas!  We went down to the lake several times with the dogs which was only a small walk from the RV.

What were the upgrades we did, you ask?  We installed two new 6v deep cycle batteries and a complete roof solar setup!  Not going to bore with you with the details here.  We will have several videos and blog posts about all that in the future.

We think our time at Lake Mead was well spent and look forward to future meanderings boondock style preferred!

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