Roswell, New Mexico – International UFO Museum

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International UFO Museum

We had to go to Roswell, New Mexico when we were in the area.  We are both space nerds and are fascinated by the idea there is “life” in some form in the cosmos other than Earth.  The city takes their fame and uses it to their advantage.  In fact, the “UFO” that crashed there actually crashed almost 3 hours away, but the gentleman that discovered the wreckage took it to Roswell (the biggest city near him at the time) to turn it over to authorities. How do I know this, you ask?  The International UFO Museum located in downtown Roswell.  It is just one of those things that you must visit.  The idea behind the museum is they present the information and evidence and you make your own conclusions.  We thought most of the “evidence” heavily leaned towards the authenticity of the event. Of course, that makes sense when the whole town is built around that event!

The New Roswell Sign

A bonus to our trip to Roswell was food (weird, right?).  We stopped at a restaurant called the Cowboy Café and had the best breakfast meal ever!  Both of us thought it was the best we have ever eaten.  It was a little expensive, but worth every penny!  Go there to eat!

Overall, it was fun place to go and we would recommend it if you are close.  We walked away with full bellies and four new t-shirts (LOL!) but no closer to finding the truth…..

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