CAMPSITE REVIEW – Sunset View Campground, Navajo National Monument, Arizona


Meandering Life Rating:  [usr 5]

We saw 31 sites here.  The signs indicate the maximum RV length is 28’.  We are 30’ and based on reviews gave it a try.  Out of the 31 sites, there are probably about one-quarter that would work for a 28’ rig.  The rest of the sites are very small and are either tent sites or very small RV sites.  Out of the few that a can fit a 28’ there are probably 2-3 we thought would be able to fit a 30’ or possibly even up to 32’.  They are sites #25 and #13.  We stayed on #25 and were able to get our rig in by backing up further than the concrete (tires were still on the concrete).  It was also nice because the site is very wide, so we were able to get our tow vehicle right beside us.  Site #2 also looked promising, there was an Airstream on that site when we were here that was probably at least 25’ and they left their tow vehicle on and was able to get in the spot.  The park has trees, so we were able to enjoy some shade, but they aren’t so tall as to interfere with solar.  Our site was level, no leveling blocks needed.  Most of the other sites seemed fairly level as well.  They have no dump station here, although the campers closet did have a sign that you could dump grey water only.  The campers closet also has potable water, but there is no spigot (only faucet) so we used it to fill jugs to fill the RV.  The campsite is very easy to find.  Follow signs for Navajo National Monument and you take an immediate left at the visitor’s center to get into the campground.  There is another campground down the road here, but we did not visit it to check it out since we found a spot here.  The road is paved up to and through the campground, but it was still a little bumpy.  Nothing like back roads though so we had no problems getting there.  Quiet hours are 10:00pm to 6:00am, but it was quiet the whole time we were here.  Maximum 7-day stay and a 14-day maximum for the year.  We stayed two nights and moved on because there isn’t a ton of stuff to do in the immediate area.  They do have several small hiking trails that are worth the time.  One leads you to an ancient cliff dwelling that you can see well with the naked-eye, but even better with binoculars.  There are two other hikes that are longer and are only ranger-led, but those do not start until May 28th due to lack of funding for rangers to be out there earlier.  We stayed in the late part of April and the weather was beautiful.  There are no facilities close by so make sure you have what you need before you arrive.  AT&T out here was sparse, and we had only a few bars of “H”.  Enough to check Facebook or do a quick search, but not good enough for streaming or uploading video/pictures.  Overall it was a nice camping spot and we are shocked that it is free.  If we are ever in the area again, we will be back!

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