CAMPSITE REVIEW:  Wild Horse Road, Green River, UT


Meandering Life Rating:  [usr 4.5]

CAMPSITE REVIEW:  Wild Horse Road, Green River, UT
Cost: Free
Hookups: None
Dump/Water On-site: None
Amenities: None
GPS: 38.5666, -110.7483

The GPS coordinates above take you a wash area, we went a bit further down the road and there were lots of camping spots by the rock walls.  The road in to the camping areas are not horrible, but some are better than others.  The road coming in before turning to the camping areas is paved.  We chose a road and went down to see what we could find.  There are several spots that any size rig could fit and there are even more for tents and small RVs.  There was a road before the GPS coordinates that led to another area across the valley near another rock wall.  There was a bulldozer and a truck doing so work so we decided to move on.  Later we noticed there were several large RVs in that area so there are other options if you cannot find a good spot here.  If you have solar, make sure you plan accordingly as the rocks block quite a bit of sun depending on your position.  Leveling was a bit of a challenge and we skipped one decent spot simply because leveling would have been a problem.  We saw several spots that seemed quite level that others had already snagged so they are out there. The spots are decently separated, and you will not hear noise from any of your neighbors.  Goblin Valley State Park has a dump and water, but you have to pay the day use fee ($15) to access.  I read that the visitor center at the park has potable water which you can access without paying the fee, but we did not confirm this information.  We dumped and filled up at the Sinclair/Pilot Travel Center in Green River, UT on our way down.  This area is very remote so make sure you have what you need before you get here.  About 30 minutes SE is Hanksville which has fuel and a small grocery store.  We did not go into the grocery store but based on the town size I wouldn’t expect much from it.  The scenery at the site is beautiful.  We stayed here for a few nights in mid-May 2018 and the weather was perfect, but every afternoon the winds became heavy and dust was an issue.  The biggest negative here is you will have no cell reception whatsoever.  We didn’t have enough to make a call or text or anything.  This was AT&T.  We tried the Verizon hotspot too and it had nothing as well.  Hanksville had a small signal when we drove down there, but the state park didn’t have a signal.  If you stay here, we would recommend heading further up the Wildhorse road to the trailhead and hiking the Little Wildhorse Canyon trail.  It can be turned into a 6-mile loop, but we went up and back for about 3 miles total and saw the awesomeness of the slot canyon.  Overall, it was good place to stopover for a few nights.  If it had cell service, we would have stayed a few more days.


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