Quartzsite, AZ – RV Show

Who knew that this little town was such a RV traveler’s Graceland? We sure didn’t! We were up near Sedona, AZ and were heading to Southern California. The halfway point (roughly) is Quartzsite, AZ. OK, sounds good! So, we started looking for RV spots. Well, that wasn’t too difficult since this small town has 60 private RV parks and hundreds of BLM (Bureau of Land Management) boondocking sites. We found a spot and we’re on our way. During our search, we found out that there is a HUGE RV show every January. There are also several large rocks and mineral shows. It is estimated that the city, with a population of around 3,700, explodes to 750,000 to a million people during January and February each year! We had no idea but lucked out and were going to be there on the tail end of the RV show.
Having that many people in such a small place was a little concerning, but it turned out fine and we quickly got settled in to our home for the next few days. We headed to the RV show to check out other RVs and talk to some people and find out about their experiences. My goodness, some RVs are insane! They are huge and decked out and needless to say VERY expensive! After looking at several different models, we were even more convinced that we made the right decision with our RV. We did find out later that the smaller, lower-end RVs were in a totally different area so unfortunately, we didn’t get to see those.
Besides RVs, the show has a big tent with various vendors selling their wares. We, of course, got roped into buying a broom/squeegee. Who knows if it will be useful, but it was only $11 so we took a chance. We also bought our first decoration for the RV (we have decorations, but they were bought for us).

Less Junk, More Journey Meetup

But the best thing about Quartzsite was our fellow RVers. We met some amazing people that gave us a TON of great information! We were meeting people from all over the country with different RV rigs and different styles to RVing. We learned a ton and made some friends! Shout out to Fate Unbound! We met people at the RV show, at dinner and at a meet and greet with one of our favorite channels, Less Junk, More Journey. The meet and greet was a lot of fun. There were about 40 or so people there and we were able to talk to many of them and learn from them. Overall it was a great experience and if we are ever in the area for the next RV show, we will be attending! Hopefully by then, we will be answering more questions instead of asking!

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